How to make a candy cake at home

Candy cakes are a guaranteed success in any type of celebration. A detail that will surprise young and old alike and that you can prepare in your own home. Here are the key tips to making an original and eye-catching gummy jelly cake, or if you prefer, in its smaller version, in the form of sweet skewers.

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6 July 2018


Candy cakes have become fashionable. Whether it's for a birthday, a communion or a christening, this type of cake is a great highlight for a party. Making a jellybean cake is very easy and you can prepare it at home in very little time. One of the advantages of this cake is that it will save us from having to beat, bake or stuff. Keeping a few little tricks in mi
nd, the result of this candy cake will be spectacular.
You can make the cake from a single layer, or if we are looking for something more eye-catching, add several layers. The most important thing is to combine the colours and shapes of the decorations so that it is colourful and very visual.

Your candy cake base

The first thing you will need is a cake base. There are many options, the most common being the use of cork. This material makes it very easy to pin the jelly beans into it with toothpicks. These bases can be found in candy stores. They are usually round, but there are also other shapes and sizes with which we can give free rein to our imagination, for example, a rectangular base to make a cake in the shape of a football field or an oval base to design a pirate ship.
Another alternative is to use the green sponges used for arranging flowers, or even an empty  biscuit tin, although in this case,  you won’t be able to pin the sweets with toothpicks and would have to use royal icing (a preparation based on sugar, water and egg white, which is widely used in confectionery) to stick the sweets  down with.  Any of these bases can be useful, but before you start to decorate, you should cover the base with aluminium foil or transparent paper.

Gummy cakes and skewers

To make your candy cake you will need:

  • Base
  • Aluminium foil
  • Toothpicks and wooden sticks (such as those used for kebabs)
  • Sweets of all kinds and colours: clouds, licorice, strawberries, lollipops, chupa chups, jellies  beans...

The candy cake step by step:

1. Line the base with aluminium foil or transparent paper. If we're going to create a multi-story cake, stick the sticks through the base to hold them in place.

2. Once the base is ready, start decorating the cake with the candy. To cover the edge of the cake, use long sweets or clouds. Place the larger jelly beans at the bottom, and the smaller ones can be used on the top or to fill in gaps.

3. Once you have finished covering the cake with the sweets, stick on the long skewers with the name of the child written on a card.  

Sweet skewers, step by step:

1. Skewer the sweets onto the wooden sticks, always alternating jelly bean colours and shapes for an attractive result.  If you soak the rods in water before skewering the sweets you will avoid that the jellies sticking when they are removed.

2. Don't forget to leave the bottom of the rod free to pin it to a base or to put it in a jar or container when you take it out to the table. This way, children can hold the stick to remove the sweets.

3. A very elegant way to present this type of candy skewer on a table is to make several groups in different colours, for example, a jar with skewers of red, blue and green sweets... You can also decorate the sticks with ribbons and bows to give them a special touch.