How to make churros: homemade churros recipe

Churros are a common part in the gastronomy of our country, present in practically all communities, from the north to the south of the peninsula. For breakfast or afternoon snack, accompanied by a good hot chocolate or simply a latte, they are a sweet that is enjoyed by both children and adults.


5 March 2019


In Spain, we can differentiate two main groups of types of churros: the wheel churros (churros de rueda) or the batons (porras) and looped of stick-shaped ones. The dough for both types consists of the same essential ingredients: wheat flour, water and salt, although for the production of the batons, bicarbonate and the so-called "mother dough" are added.

However, despite the simplicity of its ingredients, there are some differences in the form or preparation of this sweet, depending on the location. You will find straight ones, in a loop or as a stick, and they can be filled with chocolate, pastry cream or dulce de leche, or even bathed in chocolate or sprinkled with sugar, which is the most traditional and easy type to make. In some places, cinnamon is also added to the sugar.

How to make homemade churros

A step-by-step, traditional recipe for making delicious churros at home, although we are not great cooks.

Ingredients for 18-22 churros:

- 250 g wheat flour
- 250 g water
- 50 g butter (optional)
- 1 teaspoon of salt (about 8 grams)
- Sugar for sprinkling
- Mild olive oil for frying or sunflower oil
- Kitchen paper towels
- A manual churrera or a piping bag with a star shaped nozzle

Preparing the churros:

- Put the flour in a large bowl and, in a pan, heat the water with the salt and butter.

- When the water starts to boil, pour it over the flour and mix it well with some spatulas until it becomes a compact and flexible dough. It is important that you do this slowly to avoid forming lumps. Be patient and don’t stop stirring until the dough is formed. But how do you know when its ready? When you stir it and the dough comes away the bowl easily, then it is ready.

- Place this dough in a churrera or piping bag with a star-shaped nozzle. The churrera is recommended because it compacts the dough and eliminates the air bubbles that make the churros jump when being fried in the oil. If you use a piping bag, they are made of disposable plastic, so you don't have to wash them later.

- Make the portions of churros and lay them on a tea-towel while you heat up a frying pan with abundant light olive oil or sunflower oil.

- When the oil is hot, at around 195-200ºC, place the portions of dough in the oil to fry, but lowering the heat to a medium level to avoid the churros being left raw inside.

- Once fried, remove to a tray lined with kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.

- Serve sprinkled with sugar on top.

Whether they are porras or churros, what makes the difference between good and bad homemade churros is that they are crunchy, not greasy and that they do not taste of raw flour.

So, you don't need expensive ingredients to make homemade churros, you have the ingredients in your kitchen. In addition, the churros dough can be kept in the fridge or even frozen and taken out the day before, then just fry them and enjoy some good homemade churros. And if you accompany them with a cup of hot chocolate, even better. Enjoy!

And if after this, we still haven't convinced you, you can always buy them frozen in your usual supermarket.