How to prevent hair loss

If you are beginning to notice a hair loss and want to prevent it, we bring you the best tips on how to avoid hair loss. Find out now!

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Alopecia, loss of capillary density, can be caused my many different things, but the most common are genetic predisposition and stress. Although it affects men more, it also occurs in women. In most of these cases the process can be delayed, but not totally avoided.

There are several enemies in the battle against hair loss: genetics, stress, lifestyle, and type of food. We review some of the advice and care you can apply to keep your ‘mane’ as long as possible and in the best condition.


-Cutting regularly heals the hair.

-A good cut conceals the most unpopulated areas.


-It is recommended to wash every two days and avoid, as much as possible, water with a lot of lime.


-Rinse well with a gentle massage to activate circulation, but do not rub excessively.

-Finish with cold water to close the hair cuticle.

- Dry with soft or airy touches. If you use a hair dryer, keep it at a moderate temperature.


-Use an open bristled comb; They improve the volume.

- Do not over brush.


-Helps follicles and avoid stress. 

-Yoga or relaxation are good examples.


-Eat lean red meat, blue fish and chicken, provides enough protein for the body.

-Eat foods with vitamin B, C, D and E, and minerals such as selenium, silicone, magnesium, which are also found in vegetables.

- Eggs: promotes the growth of new hair

- Beer yeast: strengthens the hair.


Being a process that directly affects the personal image, it can have emotional consequences, especially when the process is already advanced. When this happens, we usually opt for ‘solutions’ such as hairstyles that cover unpopulated areas, hairpieces, or total shaving of the head. In all cases the recommendation is to take care of the new exposed skin by hydrating it and protecting it from the sun and the cold.