Is a light Christmas possible? 

The Christmas holidays are coming and with them, the memory of those traditional festive smells: stuffed turkey, grilled prawns, the dessert your grandmother makes with turrón…

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We propose you a light Christmas menu

The typical smell of Christmas usually, if not always, arrives with delicious, calorific recipes. Turkey, capon, lamb, pork, bream, langoustines… these and other foods have become ‘essentials’ of the Christmas table. Not to mention sweets: all the varieties of turrón, dates, marzipan, dragées and other delights make it difficult to resist. But, why not accompany these dishes with seasonal vegetables, light soups or side dishes which help to balance the meal, or combine desserts with fruit?

It is simply a question of trying it. When making homemade recipes, you think about the ingredients for the stuffing, the side dishes, the desserts, etc. If you take a minute to think how you could substitute some of them, your recipes are sure to be a bit less calorific.

In the end, if you make your dishes attractive and tasty, what seems impossible may happen. So if you have been told to watch your diet or you simply don’t want to ‘fight’ with the scales this Christmas, take note of these three recipes and you will be able to say, your head held high, that you enjoyed this year’s Christmas meals without overdoing it in the slightest!