Discover the meaning of flowers

In Victorian times floriography (the language of flowers) was used as a means of communication to convey messages between lovers.


6 February 2019


Descubre el significado de las flores

Meaning of roses White, yellow or black roses?

Just as the fan is used, where the way it is held or opened means different things, the same is true with flowers. Depending on the colour or variety, each flower may express a different feeling.

Giving a red geranium is not the same as giving a white narcissus. Some express passionate love, others simply friendship, and there are some that even transmit disdain or a break-up. So, when either giving or receiving a bouquet, it is important to know what you want to say or what you are being told.

- Roses: have a meaning according to their colour. Red indicates passion and romanticism, white indicates virtue and chastity and yellow indicates friendship and devotion.

- Begonia: pink ones mean a love that lasts through time, white ones imply that a friendship is sincere; if they are yellow, the beginning of a good friendship; and red ones that a friendship is strong and impassioned.

- Camellia: while red ones imply an ardent, unconditional and long-lasting love, white ones have the meaning of disdain for love. For their part, pink camellias are a symbol of confidence and desire to seduce through romanticism and sensuality.

- Sunflower: relates to admiration and respect for the person to whom it is given.

- Honeysuckle: is a symbol of eternity. If your flowers are pink, they demonstrate eternal love, while white flowers mean deep pain for the end of a love. Red, on the other hand, shows intense love, and yellow and orange, fragile or rejected love.

- Orchid: a symbol of seduction, sensuality, fertility and perfection. Those who give you orchids will be telling you that you are the object of their desires or that they want you to conceive.

- Gladioli: literally means 'you have touched my heart', and for this reason they are symbols of love. If the flowers appears in the middle of a bouquet, you can indicate, depending on the number of flowers, the time at which an appointment will take place.

- Tulip: the symbol of a sincere declaration of love. The multi-coloured flower means a crazy and extravagant love; the white one, an extreme love; the yellow, to be madly in love; the black, to suffer for love; and the red flower, eternal love.

Marguerite: this flower is associated with optimism, simplicity and innocence in children. That is why it is very commonly given to women who have just given birth. On the other hand, if you give them to a couple as a gift, they imply seduction. White is a statement in every way; pink is for shy love and blue means that the one who gives you the flower is faithful to you.

- Dalia: its meaning is directly associated with gratitude. If they are yellow, your fidelity is appreciated; the red ones have an implicit promise of eternal love, and the violet ones mean a love that grows every day.

- Carnation: as with most flowers, if the carnations are red it means passionate love; the yellow one, disdain; the white, fidelity and the pink ones, the eternal love that a mother feels for her child.

- Poppy: has a meaning related to rest, tranquillity and comfort, and means "we will be together as soon as possible".

Narcissus: they are usually the most direct flowers for declare a love like they do in 'the movies'. The white flowers are a desire for pure love, and the yellow ones express, moreover, that one is willing to wait until the love is reciprocated.

- Hyacinth: when hyacinths are given between a man and a woman, admiration for the other person is shown. If the flower is white it conveys happiness, blue means that the giver hopes to attract the woman’s attention. Yellow, on the other hand, promises happiness between couples, and red transmits love with a hint of eroticism.

- Geranium: means the joy of spending time with someone. Red means you can't get a person out of your head; white means pure and sincere love; and pink means a person is in love.

- Mimosa: it is a symbol of sensitivity and delicacy, but also the doubt of not having that feeling reciprocated, and the secret love.