My five favourites

carlos latre

My five favourites

12 June 2017


For collaborating in this article, Carlos Latre and Consum donated €500 to the Fundación Enriqueta Villavecchia de Oncología infantil de Barcelona

Humourist, actor, presenter and mimic: Carlos Latre has been making audiences laugh on the radio or the small screen for twenty years. His imitations and parodies in the programme 'Martian Chronicles' gave him his leap to fame. He has participated in countless television programmes, presenting and collaborating in different slots on the major television networks. He has also worked as a dubbing actor. Here are his top five:

Here are her Top 5::


These are my favourite of all the nuts, and the ones Ieat most. They are nutritious and very beneficial to your health, and I like todress my salads with them or eat them as a snack in the middle of theafternoon. They’re never missing from my shopping trolley!


This is probably the white meat that appears most onmy menus. The huge variety of ways you can cook it and its properties make itan indispensable ingredient in my kitchen. I like its soft, low calorie meat,which is rich in protein.


Yes, I have to admit that I like processed meats fromtime to time. There is always some pâté in my house because, apart from notcontaining gluten or lactose, it is a tasty, fun snack for when I have friendsaround. And besides, my daughter likes it a lot! 


Out of all the salad vegetables, I’ll take the tomato.A good tomato, fresh from the fields, dressed down with an excellent olive oiland accompanied by a nice fillet of tuna is my favourite entrée of all. I likeits antioxidant properties and its benefits for cardiovascular health. I like itin all its varieties: straight from the vine, raf, cherry, and so on.


I am a self-declared lover of the world of wine. Istarted almost by accident a few years ago, and I recognise that I have becomea big consumer of this product. In addition, I am all in favour of supermarketwines, as they are the best way for young people, or those who don’t know muchabout wine, to enter this world and they can bring a great variety and quality ofwines within the reach of almost everyone.