My five favourites

Rakel Cernicharo

My five favourites

18 September 2017


For collaborating in this article, Rakel Cernicharo and Consum donated €500 to the Protectora MODEPRAN.

This young Valencian chef, winner of the fourth edition of “Top Chef”, started to hang around in the kitchen as a little girl, preparing food for her dolls. By 13 she was able to handle pots and pans and at 14 she had her first accident at the stove, suffering third degree burns. Later, she studied singing and Fine Arts before realising that her true calling was to become a professional chef. After a few years in London, where she closely followed vegan and macrobiotic cooking, she opened her own restaurant, Karak, when she was only 22 years old. Her energy, imagination and irresistible personality are reflected in her culinary creations that have led her to not only seduce the judges of the popular contest, but the fans of good food as well.

Here are his Top 5::


I always try to eat 4 or 5 almonds a day because of the antioxidants they contain. I eat them with the skin, because that is where the nutrients are. Along with nuts, I think that dried fruits are essential, and I use them in many of my recipes.


I couldn’t survive without chocolate. I eat it watching a movie every Sunday afternoon when I come home from the restaurant. However, I stick to dark chocolate, because of its many healthy properties; for example, it protects your dental enamel. Try it!


Bread is a basic. I love to make my own bread. I eat all kinds of it and I eat it with everything, with chocolate, cheese, ham…and at the restaurant, I like each dish to be served with bread.


The tomato from my land! I need them on summer nights with a little olive oil and salt. And now that we have rescued the Valencian rose tomato here in Valencia, it is marvelous. This variety doesn’t require salt, or olive oil, you can just bite into it. Authentically savage.


I am fascinated by eggs, because they can be transformed into a million things, scrambled, a quiche, a crepe, a potato pancake, poached… In the kitchen we use them every day.  But more than anything, I like to beat egg yolks with sugar until they are white, beat the egg whites until they are stiff, mix it together and eat it raw with a little toasted corn meal.