Pizza with cauliflower base

We are finding more and more options to eat healthy and tasty food. We show you the step by step recipe for pizza with a cauliflower base. You’ll see how easy and quick it is!

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Leading a healthy life requires doing exercise as well as having healthy dietary habits, but this doesn’t mean that we should give up the treats we love most. We tend to relate this type of food with strict diets, being hungry or cooking boring dishes with little flavour. Forget about that! 

The magic of gastronomy lies in the variety and versatility that foods offer us when it comes to cooking them. It is always a good time to transform our routines and turn the dishes we like most into much healthier versions without losing their tastiness. 

Pizza is one of the favourite dishes of children and adults, so making it at home with natural ingredients can be an alternative to enjoying a treat without regrets. Have you ever thought that you could make its dough with cauliflower? It is a flour-free recipe, in other words, without carbohydrates and gluten-free. In addition to being an excellent option for vegans, it is very easy to make and is delicious. Even those who don’t like this vegetable will bow down to it. Take note!

Ingredients for the cauliflower pizza base

1 egg

½ medium cauliflower


Orégano to taste


Step by step method to make the dough

1. Chop the cauliflower using a mincer or cheese grater until you get pieces similar in size to a grain of rice.

2. Place the chopped cauliflower into the microwave for around 8 minutes. Remove it and, with the help of a cloth, try to remove the water so it is as dry as possible.

3.  In a bowl, mix the cauliflower, egg, salt and oregano. Stir it well until it becomes a pliable dough.

4. Spread it onto an oven tray covered with grease-proof paper which has been greased with oil or butter. Mould it into a pizza shape and place it in the oven for 25 minutes at 200 ºC.

5. When the time is up, add the sauce you want and let your imagination run free to recreate your favourite pizza.