Properties of lemon

Lemon has a large number of properties and benefits for our health. Do you know how to include it in your daily diet? We tell you how to do it. Take note!

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As a good citrus fruit, lemon stands out for its antioxidant properties because it is rich in vitamin C and it has few calories. Spain and Mexico are the world’s main exporters of lemons. In our country, production is concentrated on the Eastern Mediterranean coast, mainly in Murcia and Alicante, which supplies the main European markets, including Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Poland.

Beneficits of lemon

  • One of the advantages of consuming lemon is that it helps to improve the absorption of iron provided by foods, thanks to its vitamin C content. In addition, this vitamin plays an important role in the collagen synthesis necessary for the growth and repair of cells, tissues, gums, blood vessels and bones. It also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • It has a low calorific value (22 kcal per 100g), since its content is mainly water (around 90%), so it is highly diuretic.
  • It contains a significant amount of soluble fibre, such as pectin, which is mainly found in the white layer below the peel.
  • It contains citric acid, which is another powerful antioxidant, like vitamin C.

How to introduce lemon into your diet

Lemon stands out for its versatility and it can be used in cooking, using its juice, skin or the whole fruit, both for savoury dishes as well as for all types of desserts.

Lemon can be the perfect accessory for making refreshing drinks, like lemonade, lemon slushy or tea with lemon. We can make really original ice cubes by adding grated lemon zest and a mint leaf to each one before putting them in the freezer.

We can also introduce lemon into our diet through dressings, such as in a lentil salad or a dish of spinach. For those who need to reduce their consumption of salt or they don’t like vinegar, lemon can be the ideal condiment since it boosts the natural flavour of foods.

In addition, we can use grated lemon zest to make cakes, sponges and biscuits, mixing it with the mixture or using lemon juice to make sauces.

At you can find many recipes to make with lemon, you just need to type into the search “By food: lemon”.