Recipes to eat in a jar

Eating out of the house does not have to mean eating badly. It could actually become a great moment of delight and escape. Have you tried to prepare your food in a jar? It is the last trend!

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We often come up with our weekly menu like a sort of A, B, C - always making the same things, and starting to get bored. To make sure you’re not eating the same things all the time, we are suggesting that you swap out some of your regular dishes for food in a jar. You’ve heard it right, homemade food, prepared in layers, inside a jar.

Food in a jar is all the rage at the moment. It’s accessible, practical, easy to carry and means you can prepare food and then keep it for several days. It’s a trend that is also making a contribution to the environment. Rather than plastic containers, food prepared in a jar uses glass containers that are longer lasting and stay completely intact to be used over and over again, without absorbing flavours and smells.

This trend, that is really starting to catch on, is nothing more complicated that preparing our meals and storing them in a glass jar with a lid. As well as that, it’s not just about taking your food with you, the jars can also be used to make vinaigrettes and sauces, pickles, marinades, and can even be used as a glass if you want to make a smoothie.

For food in a jar, you can use any kind of ingredients, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, seeds, grains, but there are ways to get this right, to make something that is colourful, with great tastes and textures. So, what’s the secret? The ingredients have to be put into the jar in order, layer by layer, with dressings, sauces, mashed ingredients and the wet foods that could lose moisture being put into the bottom. Harder vegetables and lighter foods like leaves must be put in at the top. These jars of food can be kept in the fridge.

Ideas for recipes in a jar

Fresh salad in a jar

Quinoa, srwaberries and cherry

Granola, yoghurt and fruit