The benefits of being a morning person

If you’re in the “just 5 more minutes and I’ll get up” club and you snooze the alarm for half an hour to then have to get up in a rush to shower, get dressed, and, if you’re lucky, grab something for breakfast, keep reading.

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17 December 2017


The alarm goes off and so begins our internal fight between getting up and staying in bed for 5 more minutes, or 10, or 15….and then, when we finally get out of bed, it’s back to rushing, stressing and the “I’m late again”.

The excuse of being more efficient at night is no longer valid. In the same way that the clothes make the man, we have to start a daily routine, so it doesn’t take so much effort to get up.  And this happens by analysing what we dobefore going to sleep.

No doubt you often sit on the sofa after dinner and watch whatever is on TV, or you spend a long time on social media.  Does it really do anything for us?  Our body resorts to these weapons to resist getting up in the mornings. Because the main solution to getting up earlier starts at night, before going to sleep



1. Set an alarm for going to sleep and take notice of it.  Always have at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

2. If you can’t sleep, do something relaxing like reading.

3. Set your alarm 2 minutes earlier.  Little by little start getting up earlier, this way your body will get used to it over time.  It might be easier if you change your alarm tone.

4. When the alarm goes off, get out of bed straight away, no excuses.  You can put the alarm further away from you, so you have to get up to switch it off.

5. And when you are finally up and awake, do something to reward your effort: have a coffee whilst you read the newspaper, put some inspiring music on, have a shower with nice smelling shower gel , go out for a run…

Do flowers help the early bird? 

A study by Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital claims people feel happier and have more energy if they see flowers first thing in the morning. Especially in the rooms they use more during this time.  And the kitchen wins out on this. 

If we add to this the recommendation of 7-8 hours sleep every night, it would probably be easier to get up.  In addition, there are studies that show that morning people tend to be more productive and improve their concentration and memory. Below we look at the main benefits of getting up early.  

 Morning people tend to be more productive and improve their concentration and memory

 •  Overcome your challenges:  showing yourself that you can win the battle against the alarm motivates you to face other challenges, whether they be professional or personal. The satisfaction of having met a goal is the best reward. 

 Gain more timefor yourself: analysing why you don’t have time for anything by looking at our distractions and getting rid of them in our daily routine is fundamental. You can make the most of this gained time to get up earlier and make the most of your day.  You gain 15 days per year just by waking up an hour earlier every morning. 

•  Do exercise:  just 15 minutes of exercise per day is enough to charge our batteries and have more energy, concentration, enthusiasm, and most importantly, be healthier. We can make this our morning routine to start the day well. 

• Time to think: getting up early and spending time by yourself, without noise, without distractions, without rushing, is good for planning the day and achieving more.  In addition, these are the moments when the best ideas come to us because our mind is clear and stress-free.