Turbot with cava recipe 

Turbot with cava is a simple and delicious dish. With just a few fresh ingredients, you will be able to achieve an amazing result. Let's get to it!

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1. Wash the courgette thoroughly and cut crossways with the help of a peeler to create very thin slices. 

2. Wash the apple, remove the skin and cut into small dices.

3. Boil the slices of courgette for 10 seconds and immediately pass them through cold water to stop them from cooking.  

4. Place the olive oil in a pan to heat up and sauté the diced apple. Add the amount of salt and pepper you think is required and add 100ml of cava. Keep the mixture on the heat for 3 minutes and, after that time, switch off the heat. Once they are cool, grind them using a blender.

5. Fry the turbot in a frying pan with olive oil until fully cooked.

6. Pour the apple and cava sauce onto the plate, decorate with a few pieces of apple, white asparagus and boiled courgette. Place the turbot on top of these ingredients, add more sauce on top and garnish with pomegranate seeds to add a touch of colour.