Turrón from Alicante: easy recipe 

Turrón from Alicante or hard turrón is one of the sweets that we cannot be without now that Christmas is approaching. Prepare yours at home with this easy recipe.  

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Turrón from Alicante, also known as hard almond turrón, is a true classic of this Valencian province and a product that has captivated all of Spain with its incomparable taste and texture. It becomes even more special during this time, when we’re already looking forward to the arrival of Christmas with a desire (and a hunger) for sweet things, a time when this sweet gains even more popularity, if that is possible.  

Made of whole lightly toasted almonds and honey, what is for certain is that if you have turrón from Alicante at home it will be your downfall, but it also makes an excellent gift for friends and family. It is also really easy to make yourself, which will guarantee that it contains no additives and is as natural as possible. All you need are the necessary ingredients and a rectangular tablet-shaped mould. 

But, let’s get down to the important thing: How do you make turrón from Alicante? We’ll show you below. 

Ingredients for hard turrón 

The ingredients for hard turrón are as follows:

  • 225 g raw almonds
  • 130 g honey
  • 1 egg white
  • 100 g sugar
  • 50 g icing sugar

Recipe for turrón from Alicante

Start your hard turrón recipe by toasting the whole almonds. Its important that they are whole (not ground, as in other turrones) and raw (the ready-roasted ones tend to contain salt, which is something that would affect the taste of the turrón). Toast them in a frying pan, with a small amount of oil so that they don’t become too greasy, until they turn golden and then put them aside. 

Then melt the honey until it is liquid and add the sugar. Stir continuously until it has the consistency of a soft sweet. Then turn off the cooker and prepare the meringue, for which you need to vigorously beat an egg white with icing sugar. Add half of the meringue to the mixture.  

After this, spread the almonds in a mould and, pour the honey, sugar and meringue mixture over them.  To ensure that the turrón is flat, place some oven paper over the mixture in the mould and press down with your hands. Once it cools, the turrón will be solid, a cream and white colour, and will be perfectly ready to eat. Another way of carrying out this step is to add the almonds to the mixture in a saucepan instead of in the actual mould so that the mixture is even more uniform.  

You can also add wafers to your turrón from Alicante. To do this, put a wafer sheet at the base of the mould and another on the top after you have poured in the mixture.  As for what you can have to accompany the hard almond turrón, here are some ideas for you: you can serve it as part of a tray of sweets, with polvorones, marzipan figures or other varieties of turrón. 

The turrón from Alicante can also be prepared with a Thermomix. To do so, you need to toast the almonds in the same way as above, a step that can be carried out using a frying pan or the oven (whichever you prefer). The icing sugar can be prepared in your device using granulated sugar. To do this, place the sugar in the Thermomix cup and set the programme to 1 minute at speed 7. To whisk up the egg whites, put the butterfly whisk on and programme it without setting a time at a speed of 3.5. When the texture is right, remove it and put it to one side. 

Then it’s the turn of the honey. Put this in the cup and programme it for 45 minutes on varoma temperature and at speed 2.  Then add the sugar to the whisked egg whites and leave them for 15 minutes longer, keeping the speed at 2 and at a temperature of 100 degrees. Wait until the mixture resembles a sweet and, once it has reached this point, remove the butterfly whisk and add the almonds. Mix everything together. Then all that’s left to do is to repeat the steps that you have already seen; that is, add the mixture that was made in the Thermomix to your mould and put some pressure on it so that it is flat. 

The recipe for hard turrón, is super-easy to prepare and no home should be without it this Christmas.