Blanquet, the essential cold meat for stews

Blanquet is one of the most traditional Valencian cold meats in existence. A gastronomic delight used in many dishes and stews in the region. Here we tell you how it is made, some interesting facts and the most typical recipes you can make with this meat.

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Blanquet is similar to a white blood sausage. Its distinctive colour comes from its ingredients, since, unlike black pudding, blanquet is not made with blood. It is one of the most traditional food products of the Valencian Community, although it has now spread to Murcia and the Balearic Islands. It is also known as blanc or blanco de cocido.

As is usually the case with this type of sausage, the preparation process varies depending on the region and the producer, but in general, blanquet is made with a mixture of lean pork and meat from the head, eggs, pine nuts and spices. The ingredients are crushed, kneaded and put into a natural pork casing. Traditionally locals would have done the whole process by hand. This short and thick sausage is then boiled in a boiler, so it can be eaten raw. It is used mainly in casseroles and stews, but also rice dishes. Any self-respecting Valencian stew should include blanquet. Also, one of the most traditional Valencian rice dishes, baked rice, features this sausage in its recipe.

Spices that give it its unique flavour

The characteristic flavour of this sausage lies in the combination of spices used in its preparation. Cinnamon, pepper and cloves are essential when preparing blanquet, and occasionally paprika and anise are used. In addition to casseroles and the famous Valencian stew, blanquet is delicious as an appetizer, simply put on the grill and cut into slices.

Like all sausages, it is recommended to consume in moderation because it is a food that is high fat.