How to make-up? Make the most of your skin

┬┐How many make-up products do you have at home? Do you use them all? And more importantly, do you use them correctly? When we apply make-up, it is very important to take our features into accounts. Take note!

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21 December 2018


The secret of make-up and, above all, of shaping facial features, lies in the creation of lights and shadows in specific areas of the face. To achieve this, use just two shades of make-up, one to achieve the natural colour of the skin and another darker one, to correct any imperfections. This, together with good lighting, will produce an optical effect that will help create a thinner and finer-shaped face.

A shape change foreach type of face

Because of the harmony of its shapes, the ideal face is oval, so this shape always tends to be used for other face shapes, such as round, square or elongated.

Thefirst step is to apply an even make-up base, and a moisturising base is alsorecommended. After this, the usual make-up should be applied evenly over theentire face and then, depending on the face shape, one of the steps belowshould be followed.

When you apply a dark colour, you take attention away from or hide the area, and when you apply a light tone, you highlight andlighten it.

Oval face shape make-up

This type of face is the most harmonious according to current beauty canons, so it does not need too much shaping. Limit yourself to contouring the line from under the cheekbones to above the lip, blending it well so that the result is natural. Illuminate the T-zone (forehead-nose) and the chin and put a little blush on the cheekbones.

Square face shape make-up

The main features of this shape are a wide forehead and jaw, so apply a dark concealer from the cheekbone to the jaw to make the face thinner and on the sides of the forehead to try to lengthen the face. Highlight the upper part of the cheekbones and also the nose and chin.

Sácale partido a tu rostro

When applying concealers and dark bases you should use a small amount and spread it well. It should not be noticeable!

Round face shape make-up

A round face needs more shaping to create volume and shape. The areas to highlight are the forehead, under the eyes, the cheeks and the chin. For the cheekbones, use a darker shade by applying it to the lower cheek and down towards the chin. Then, highlight the upper part with peach-coloured blush and apply it towards the temples, so that the face appears to lengthen. You can also highlight under the eyes and a little on the chin, blurring it with a brush.

Long or triangular face shape make-up

To make the face look less elongated, the ideal procedure is to apply dark shaping powder from the jaw to the chin and from the temple to the centre of the forehead, i.e. from the outside inwards, thus rounding the shape. Then it's just a matter of blurring it a little and applying a little blush.

Rectangular face shape make-up

The main thing for this type of face is to conceal the width of the chin. Apply a dark concealer around the edges of the chin, add a little blush and you're done.

Sácale partido a tu rostro