How to plant a pineapple

Did you know it's possible to plant a pineapple at home? We explain the steps to follow to grow the plant of this delicious fruit.

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You don’t need to go to a tropical region to be able to have your own pineapple plant. This exotic fruit can be grown in places with a mild climate, as long as specific conditions of temperature and humidity are maintained. 

The pineapple plant, scientific name ananas comosus, is very grateful, with simple care your plant will grow strong and healthy.  This plant must be grown inside the home since this will protect it from adverse weather conditions.

Advice for growing a pineapple plant

The cold is the main enemy of the pineapple plant since it is a fruit of tropical origin and cannot cope with low temperatures. The winter months will be the most critical ones for your pineapple, but with a bit of care and a lot of light, the pineapple will be able to grow without any problems in its own pot.  This doesn’t need to be big, but should be tall, given that the pineapple roots are quite long.  Remember that the room temperature should never go below 15ºC, if you can’t achieve this temperature naturally, it is a good idea to use a small homemade greenhouse.

How long does it take to grow a pineapple?

The growing time of this plant, belonging to the bromeliad family, is long, approximately two years, so if you want to collect the fruit of your plant you should be patient and wait months and months for the fruit to be born this yellow colour and to give off a light and intoxicating aroma.  Meanwhile, you can help the development process of a living being by checking the formation of its different parts, as well as having a beautiful and happy decorative object for your home

Steps to follow to plant a pineapple

  1. Choose a pineapple in its optimum ripeness which is fresh and healthy. Any type of pineapple sold in the supermarket is fine.

  2. Cut off the top of the pineapple, the chunk known as the “crown”. Also cut a few centimetres of the top of the fruit.  Pull off the dry leaves. Once you have cleaned it, you can plant it.

  3. Put the crown of the pineapple in a big enough pot. Put universal substrate into the pot and, with the help of a stick or rake, make a small hole. Put the crown inside, ensuring that the leaves are in a vertical position. Cover the base with enough soil.

  4. Leave it so that the plant grows over time. Little by little, it will get bigger. Pineapples don’t need special care. You need to avoid watering it too much since the plant stores water in its leaves. You only need to make sure it receives a lot of light, especially if you don’t live in a warm climate.