How to remove facial hair

Discover different tricks to remove facial hair and those products that will help you permanently eliminate the hair on your face

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18 October 2018


For aesthetic reasons, it is normal to want to remove facial hair. When performing this beauty procedure, great care must be taken not to damage the skin, since the facial dermis is especially sensitive and delicate. There are numerous methods for female facial hair removal, and some are more suitable for one skin type than others. If you have doubts about which one is the most appropriate for you and you fear that it could damage your skin, always consult a dermatologist.

Facial depilatory cream: your main ally

Unlike other methods, depilatory creams do not pull the hair out of the root, but only remove the outer part, which is on the surface of the skin. The cream is applied to the area with a spatula and left to rest before removal. It is less aggressive than blades, but its effects are limited, as hair reappears after a while. After using depilatory cream, moisturize and soothe the skin with a specific gel. Do not use this method if you are going to sunbathe.

Wax, a classic

In order to get rid of the hair from the root, wax is the most classic option that, in addition, prevents the hair from appearing quickly. One of the cons of this system is that the skin of the face is very delicate and sensitive or atopic skin can be affected. Hot wax is the most damaging to the dermis, but luckily there are other kinder solutions, such as cold wax in small strips, that are the right size for the face. Another disadvantage of wax is that it can leave the pores somewhat open, but this is solved by following the appropriate facial treatments. After waxing, it is very important not to expose your face to the sun or use irritating make-up. Remember to apply a soothing cream.

Tweezers, for details

If only a few loose hairs have to be removed, tweezers are a great solution, but it requires time and a good eye. Tweezers are suitable in combination with other methods, such as depilatory cream. Quality tweezers are essential, as is a magnifying mirror. Be careful when pulling out your hair, because if you pinch the skin you could do damage and leave red marks and small wounds.

Tips for waxing your face

As in many other facial beauty treatments, it is essential to have clean, dry skin before you start. One of the most common tips is to recommend exfoliation about five days before waxing, but beware of aggressive exfoliants, as they can irritate the skin. If you perceive any dry, irritated or with wounds and scratches, refrain from waxing in that area. After depilation, it is almost obligatory to soothe the skin using alcohol-free or fragrance-free moisturisers. The most natural ally is the refreshing aloe vera.