My five favourites


For their collaboration in this article, Javier Mariscal and Consum have donated 500€ to Fundació Roure.

Graphic designer, illustrator, furniture designer, filmmaker, painter, sculptor and ceramicist, Javier Mariscal (Valencia, 1850) is an artist who loves a challenge. A resident of Barcelona, he has an impulsive, irreverent and light-hearted style that he has depicted in works such as Los garriris or in one of his most famous designs, Cobi, the mascot of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. He won a National Design Award in 1999 and has numerous international exhibitions under his belt, he has also worked in the publishing sector and codirected the animated film Chico and Rita with Fernando Trueba (awarded a Goya and nominated for an Oscar in 2012).

Here are her 'top five':



I like to have a natural yoghurt with fresh fruit and nuts for breakfast. Also at night, when I get home late from the studio, it's easy to make. It is refreshing, and it gives be comfort when going to bed.



When December arrives, the first navel oranges are like a gift that you’ve been waiting months for. Peeling them, removing the navel and cutting them into pieces is a unique experience that reminds me of my childhood in Valencia.



Every morning I eat a handful of walnuts with a bowl of fruit. Yum... I love them! I have jars of all types of nuts that energise me, but walnuts are my favourite because of  their flavour.



My speciality, very highly regarded by my children and grandchildren, is Spanish potato omelette. To tell you the truth, I make a great omelette, but it isn’t the only thing I like to cook with egg: I also love fried egg with crispy edges and eggs stuffed with anchovies and mayonnaise. And, of course, a simple French omelette, which is a true delicacy.



When I'm travelling around countries that don’t know about olive oil, I get home and realise how important it is to me. I like the simplicity of toasted bread with tomato bathed in a delicious olive oil with some olives and a glass of red wine.