Market fresh fish, from the sea to the supermarket in under 24 hours

Spain is, along with Japan, one of the biggest consumers of fish in the world, and at a European level, is the biggest consumer by volume, along with Portugal, with over 25 kg per person and per year. But what kind of fish do we eat? 80% of our consumption is fresh fish, according to the Report on Spanish Household Nutrition published by the Ministry of Agriculture.





fresh food



This is fish which has been bought in a fish and seafood market. Markets are usually located on the fishing harbour, at the docks, and that is where the first sale of extractive fishing products are sold, that is, it is not from a fish farm. This fish has just been brought from the sea, without intermediaries.

However, depending on the fishing method used, either deep-sea or inshore, the fish that are caught are different. For example, hake and bream are deep-sea and sardine and anchovy, inshore. If they are fished in waters far way from the shore, the work usually lasts several days and the fish is stocked in the hold until it is unloaded at the market, while inshore fishing takes place on the same day and close to the shore.


When the fishermen arrive at the port, they go through the market to weigh and monitor the batches of fish they bring. The sale is usually an auction, where a bidder starts at a low price which increases until the buyer stops the auction at a price which is suited to their sales previsions.

Currently, this system is digitalised, there are big screens where the fish is shown ( species, category, size, weight and ship) and each buyer has a device to stop the batch they want, as it is shown on the screens. However, in the past, the sale was done by voice, and the prices were shouted with great speed, until someone bought. For those who were not used to this, it was completely incomprehensible.


• Freshness of the product.

• Commitment to the Spanish primary sector and fishing communities.

• Contribution to the economical stability of shore fishing.

• Consumption of each species at its optimum season, respecting the closures of each one, sizes, etc. 


At Consum, we want you to come across our fish market when you come across a great variety of fresh, high-quality fish.

To guarantee that freshness and that each species is consumed in its optimal season respecting the closures of each one, we have been working with local markets of the Comunitat Valenciana, Cataluña, Murcia, Almería and Málaga for over 20 years to continue contributing with the economic stability of coast fishing, bringing the fish in less than 24 hours since it has been caught

Boquerones en escabeche, mullet stuffed with olives, sardines with garlic and parsley and lemon mayonnaise, baked fish with saffron sauce, molle soup ... It sounds good, right ?

Our 'Masters of Freshness' are waiting for you to offer you these recipes and many other tricks so you can enjoy all the flavor of the sea.