My five favourites

David Demaría

My five favourites

28 August 2017


For collaborating in this article, David DeMaría and Consum donated 500 € to Acción contra el hambre  to be distributed to the needy.

David DeMaría is one of the most respected authors and composers on the national music scene. He has 20 years of experience, 10 albums produced and over a million sold. At age 14, this native of Jerez started singing and composing music in a band, and when he was 19 he began his solo career. He had his first hit with his third record, when the singer consolidated his status as a composer. He has composed music for artists such as David Bustamante, Malú, India Martínez and David Bisbal. He has worked with musicians such as Aladdin or Peter Pan, and for the teen series “Afterschool”. He is now on tour with his tenth album “Septimo cielo” (Seventh heaven), simultaneously writing his first book of poetry and preparing his project for his 20th anniversary.

Here are her Top 5:


A soccer match or a good movie without peanuts is just not the same. I almost always have some at home and for me they are a vice. Also, I recently discovered through “Action Contra el Hambre” (foundation dedicated to end world hunger), that a paste can be made with this dried fruit that can save the life of a child suffering from acute malnutrition.


I am an olive fan; I love all its varieties and eat them anytime, especially if I have a good cold beer. When I am on tour, there must be olives in the dressing rooms.


I would love to always have fresh cut watermelon in the refrigerator, to snack on anytime during the day. It is so delicious, that by the end of the day, I realize I have practically eaten an entire watermelon. Besides being healthy, fresh and cold, it is very refreshing in the summer.


I could survive eating pasta of any kind, I love fresh pasta, stuffed pasta, in salads, with meat sauce, Carbonara sauce, tuna, pesto….


As an Andalusian, there is nothing better and healthier than a great gazpacho to beat the heat.  In the summer, I eat it almost every day, and not necessarily at mealtimes. I try to always have some in the refrigerator, for me it is like an injection of energy.