October seasonal fruit

Today we bring you seasonal fruit and vegetables for October. Enjoy using this autumn’s seasonal products in your dishes. Discover them! 

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Autumn is here and with it comes this season’s fruit and vegetables. A season marked by rain, wind, falling temperatures and the ochre and reddish tones of the leaves. October is a month rich and varied in food. Although nowadays we can get almost any product throughout the year, by consuming fresh seasonal products we maximise their nutrients, flavour and appearance.   In doing so we are also helping to support local and traditional agriculture and we can benefit from better prices. 

October is the first fully autumnal month.  We have said goodbye to summer fruits with their characteristic sweetness and we welcome other fruits that are at their best. Take note: 

October seasonal fruit

  • Apple: The apple season runs from August to January, so October is one of the best months to eat them as it is the only time they go straight from the tree to the table. Golden, Fuji, Royal Gala, Red Chief, Pippin, Granny Smith… Yellows, greens and reds. Sweet and sour, there are varieties to suit all tastes. It is one of the healthiest fruits thanks to its many benefits and properties. 
  • Pomegranate: The pomegranate season is short. We start seeing the first ones at the end of September but they are at their best in October.  Pomegranates contain a significant amount of antioxidants that help combat ageing. They are also notable for their polyphenol content, which helps reduce the risk of diabetes and other metabolic diseases.  
  • Quince: The quince season is also very limited. If we want to consume it fresh, we can only do so from September to November, making October the best month to enjoy all its properties. It is used solely to make jellies and jams. It is delicious with a bit of fresh cheese or some dried fruit.
  • Grape: Grapes have been present in the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years. They are available from mid-summer until the start of winter, making October the perfect month to enjoy table grapes, which arrive after the grape harvest.  







October seasonal vegetables

The beginning of autumn is not only a good month for fruit: this month’s seasonal vegetables also have enormous richness and variety. 

  • Pumpkin

    Although strictly a fruit, it is often classified as a vegetable. It is an item of food that is most closely associated with autumn and is also a symbol of two of the most popular American festivals in autumn: Halloween and Thanksgiving. October is the best month of the year to eat pumpkins. It is one of the best foods for the heart due to its high fibre and vitamin C content. 

  • Sweet potato: Its best season starts in autumn, as it is a plant with tropical origins that does not tolerate high temperatures. This sweet tuber, similar to the potato, but with a more elongated shape and orange-coloured (due to beta carotene), can be roasted and enjoyed in desserts, stews and even fried like potatoes.  

  • Chard: The chard season takes place between the months of October and April. It is a green leafy vegetable with antioxidant properties, that prevents premature ageing and protects the nervous system. Its versatility in the kitchen means that it can be used raw in salads, in soups, sautéed, coated in batter, served with rice and as a garnish. 

  • Leek: Leeks can be found all year round, but the leek season begins in September and lasts until spring. The best specimens grow during the cold months. This first cousin of the onion and garlic is used to make hot or cold cream sauces, in soups and can even be used in salads.