This year, get organized and get ready for Christmas as soon as possible! Follow these tips to have everything ready.



No one is born knowing how to manage their time, although some people are more organized than others in an innate way. If you’re one of those who finds yourself every year in the week of December 20 without having anything clear or even looked at (Christmas menu, gifts, New Year's Eve party, meetings with friends, house decoration, activities with children on holiday ...), you’ll be interested in reading more.

We live permanently in a hurry, hyper-stimulated and hyper-connected, but are we happier? The majority answer is no, even if we have the daily stress already assumed. This hides another problem: that we don’t live in the present, nor do we allow ourselves to dream or reflect on our lives because we are always 'busy', according to the guru of the slow movement, Carl Honoré, Canadian journalist author of the bestseller 'Praise of slowness'. Honoré proposes 20 keys to get started in a 'more relaxed and paused' life, living in the present because "when you act in an accelerated way or do several things at the same time, you only touch the surface. Life is what's happening here and now, so enjoy the moment," he says.

“When you act fast or do several things at once, you only touch the surface. Life is what's happening here and now, so enjoy the moment," says Carl Honoré, guru of the slow movement.

The first thing to keep in mind is that knowing how to organize is a skill that’s learned and perfected over time. No one is a lost cause! And if, despite what happens to you, you don't like improvisation, here are some tips for you to practice 'slow shopping-cooking-living' and get to everything in a relaxed and calm way:

Search, compare and if you find something better..,.

Even if it's the slogan of a well-known 80's spot, it's a great truth that allows you to save money, if you do it with time. The Internet, in these cases, is a great ally because it allows you to compare products on several websites or Apps before 'adding to the cart' or going to the physical store.

Plan yourself with an App of tasks

Check-list type, what you have to do from the beginning of November until the end of January (to include the sales), like Google Keep, Trello, Nozbe, Toodledo...

Buy christmas gifts in November

There are shops that offer great discounts, without VAT, 50% on the second unit... and allow returns in January. Take advantage! You may also be interested in the 'Black-Friday' that this year falls on November 23, held on the Friday following 'Thanksgiving' in the U.S., which is always the fourth Thursday in November. In addition, this has a double benefit: you save money and fragment the payments in several months - so you don't burn the card!

To anticipate Christmas shopping, you need to start 'researching' what everyone wants right away

Ask your family and friends disguised questions to find out what they’re hinting at. With the children of the house, you will have it clearer because the advertising of toys begins in November, both on TV and in catalogues, and you have already heard some 'I ask' or 'I want it'. For children, remember the '4 Gifts' rule.

Consult Christmas recipes ahead of time

Watch tutorials on Youtube or ask your mother or friends about that recipe you've always wanted to make at Christmas, but never could. We give you some menu ideas:


DIY Decoration

¡Kids will love it! You can take advantage of those rainy afternoons to make Christmas crafts at home and decorate the house in an original and exclusive way. To do this, you’ll have to have the material ready: templates of balls, garlands or trees, cardboard, colors, scissors, heat, glue, stapler, thread ... On the Internet, you can find many possibilities.

Plan activities with the children for the Christmas holidays

We give you some ideas:

  • Decorate cookies 
  • Consult the children's activities organised for Christmas by your city council: children's performances, ice skating rink, lighting of lights and Christmas tree...
  • Excursion to see original cribs, such as the Tirisiti of Alcoi (Alicante), the life-size of Xàtiva (Valencia) which is the largest in Spain, the living cribs of Andalusia or the cribs of Catalonia ...

With everything ready and planned ahead of time, this year's Christmas holidays are sure to be slower, so you can fully enjoy every moment with your loved ones.


  1. To give: use the classics that always succeed (perfume, books...)

  2. To eat: traditional dishes, such as Christmas stew, seafood, turkey or lamb, nougat..., are guaranteed success.

  3. -And if everything goes wrong, don't improvise and put your imagination into it!