Which fruit is in season in September?

Do you enjoy the authentic flavour of seasonal foods? In this article, we show you which fruit and vegetables are in season in September.

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Eating seasonal products is healthy, sustainable and, in addition, it enables you to save money at the end of the month.  In spite of the fact that nowadays we can find almost any fruit or vegetable most of the year round thanks to importation, chambers and greenhouses, it is true that eating seasonal fruit and vegetables enables us to take advantage of all of their nutritional properties, since it respects their natural growth cycle and they are picked at the optimum time of ripeness.

Now that summer is coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner, it is important to check the fruit and vegetable calendar to find the most suitable for the season. This time of year is marked by a wide variety since many summer fruit and vegetables are still in season, while the change in season means we welcome other new ones.

Fruits in season in September

This month we can continue to enjoy some of the fruits that are present during the warmest months.

Apples: the apple season starts at the end of summer. This is when they start to ripen naturally and have a better flavour.

• Peaches: May and September are the best months for picking peaches, although there are early and late varieties that are picked in April and October. This fruit is rich in fibre and vitamins A, C and E.

• Grapes: aftera hot summer, the first juicy and sweet grapes which are high in antioxidantsare appreciated.

• Figs: figs are a delicacy that fall from all of those fig trees that form part of the Mediterranean ecosystem. No doubt you have picked them directly from the tree at some point during one of those relaxing summer walks.

• Blackberries: another fruit we can pick ourselves if we are going to the countryside at this time of year. Otherwise, look for them in your supermarket or greengrocer's because now is when they are at their best.

We can still find strawberries, limes, nectarines and watermelons, but these are nearing the end of their season. This is not the case with kiwis, avocados or mangos, which will consolidate as autumn goes on.

Vegetables in season in September

In terms of vegetables, it is also a good time to eat any of the following:

• Aubergine: grilled, fried, steamed, stuffed.....aubergine can be eaten in many different ways. Like all vegetables, it is rich in water, fibre and potassium and very good for intestinal health. In addition, it is one of the vegetables containing the least calories.

• Courgette: the natural season for courgette is summer. It is another vegetable that can be made in many different ways. Now it is still warm, try cutting it into thin strips like carpaccio and season it with sun-dried tomato, toasted pine nuts, a pinch of salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Delicious!

• Pumpkin: pumpkin is very sensitive to the cold, so its best time is in the warm months: summer and the beginning of autumn.

• Tomato: although we can find them all year round thanks to greenhouses, in September we can enjoy the last seasonal tomatoes, since they are a summer fruit.  Sun-ripened tomatoes reach an unbeatable level of flavour and texture.

• Peppers: another vegetable whose natural season is summer, although it is easy to find them all year round.

• Chard: we can find chard in different colours (pink, yellow, white...) depending on its variety. Chard adapts well to any climate, so it can be picked nearly all year round.