My five favourites

Clara Villalón

My five favourites


For producing this article, Clara P. Villalón and Consum have given 500€ to fundación Lescer.

Clara P. Villalón is passionate about gastronomy. For years, she expressed her love of cooking through her first recipe blog, Miss Migas. Her life changed when she decided to take part in Masterchef, and what was a hobby turned into her main job. Despite having a degree in Economic Analysis, she has worked in some great kitchens, such as Casa Marcial and El Bohío, as well as in the dining room at La Tasquería de Javi Estévez. She contributes her knowledge of the world of gastronomy by writing about restaurants and recipes in different media.

Here are her Top 5:


I think they are the perfect snack for between meals or at any time. I always have some in my bag and I have a basket of them at home. They contain water, sugar and fibre. They fill me with energy! 


Raf, kumato, Othelo, rosa, cherries… any variety! They are my daily breakfast and they are also tremendously versatile in cooking, from a gazpacho or a chilled tomato soup to stuffed tomatoes, a good tomato sauce or a spicy version of this. 


What better sauce is there than an egg yolk? Quality eggs are never missing at home because they are essential both for sweet or savoury dishes.  I love them boiled with the yolk a little soft, but also in an omelette, a potato omelette, creamy scrambled eggs with crème anglaise or a meringue. Of course, the fried egg is always the king, and should be accompanied by a piece of bread in each hand.


I don’t drink sweetened carbonated drinks, but carbonated water has become my favourite drink. In fact, I always tend to take a glass of carbonated water, ice and a slice of lime to bed with me, for just before I go to sleep. Although it is also my drink when I’m sitting on a terrace or when I prepare to sit down to a long menu. It takes away any heaviness and makes me happy.  


It is sharp, joyous and lifts any dish. I tend to use pepper quite a lot because it is aromatic and it gives a great boost to everything. I like it black, green, pink and Sichuan… it’s a magnificent flavour booster and it gives a finishing touch to any dish you cook.