Turkey rolls with egg yolk threads

Ingredients for 4 people:

200 g sliced roast turkey - ½ L water - 1 kg sugar - 8 egg yolks




Preparing the egg yolk threads with the family is fun and simple; the youngest members of the house will love taking part!

1. We put the water and sugar in a pan that is deep enough for the yolks (the syrup must be 10 cm deep) and we boil for 5 minutes.
2. We sieve the yolks through a fine sieve, we put them in a threader, baby’s bottle or pastry  bag, and exactly when the syrup reaches thread stage, we add the yolks (from a height of approximately 10 cm so that a thread drops). We stir with a skimmer and leave to cook for about one minute.
3. We quickly pass them into a bowl with very cold water. We drain well and put them on a grid.
4. We stuff the turkey slices with egg yolk threads and arrange on the plate.