My five favourites


My five favourites


For producing this article, Ana Campoy and Consum have given 500€ worth to Valencia Acoge Foundation.

Ana Campoy defines herself mainly as a writer and cultural journalist, although she has also worked as a scriptwriter and presenter. In 2022, her novel Pepa Guindilla won the Miami Cuatrogatos Foundation Prize, and in 2017, she won the Jaen Children’s Fiction Prize with the work  La cronopandilla: el túnel del tiempo (The Time Gang: the time tunnel). Among other titles, she is also the author of Pen Friends, Familia a la fuga (Families in flight), Arturo Leal y el perro fantasma (Loyal Arthur and the ghost dog), Todo eso que nos une (Everything that unites us), the collection, Las aventuras de Alfred & Agatha (Alfred and Agatha’s Adventures), El dragón del Parque Güell (The Parque Güell dragon) and Descubre Madrid (Discover Madrid). She has taken part in radio programmes, written articles in many magazines and is also responsible for coordinating the children’s section of the Celsius 232 Festival which is celebrated in Avilés each year. 

Here are her “five of”:



 I love this fruit and you can make some really delicious breakfasts with it. At home, we also prepare a very healthy dessert: all you need to do is blend the mango in a blender and pour it over natural yogurt. We tend to have this in the summer and it is always a hit with visitors. The result is delicious.



I’m always wishing that the mussels season would arrive because it is my favourite supper on many Fridays. I like to steam them and simply add lemon or fry garlic and paprika in the pan beforehand, which is then mixed into the juice of the mussels. In short, it doesn’t matter how we prepare them. They are a fantastic dish for starting the weekend.



We eat a lot of legumes at home, and the chickpea tends to be the star of the kitchen cupboard. Whether in stews like cocido or potage, in summer salads or blended into humus, it is an essential part of my diet.



From a very young age, this is one of my favourite aperitifs. I have always really liked vinegar and spicy things, and I also love olives and chillies, so this is like having several aperitifs in one. It also works well with any drink! 



When I began to reduce my sugar intake, I used this to sprinkle onto white coffee. It is great to use as a substitute or for seasoning the odd dish, because when it is detected by the brain, it is interpreted as sugar. Try it out!