My five favourites


My five favourites


For producing this article, Alex Blat and Consum have given 500€ worth to  Naturaleza y Animales Foundation.

Àlex Martínez Orts, known by the stage name of Àlex Blat, is a composer and singer. He is the singer with the Valencian pop-rock group Tardor (writers of “És això el que ens fa grans”, one of the anthems that were created for the centenary of the Valencia FC). He started his parallel career as a solo singer last year with the song La veritat. With a degree in Journalism from the University of Valencia, he combines music with other cultural, communication and publicity projects.

Aquí van sus "cinco de":



The reference to Blat (‘wheat’ in Valencian) is no coincidence: there is a great kneading tradition in my Benidorm family, from whom I have borrowed the nickname.  I grew up watching cakes and breads leavening. That’s why one of my learning challenges during lockdown was learning how to work flour. It’s a relaxing and addictive experience, which is also particularly tasty. 



 It would be impossible to imagine our fridge without a good handful of vegetables and market garden produce with which to improvise any everyday recipe. Although we try to buy seasonal, there tends to be pride of place in the vegetable drawer for courgettes, peppers, broccoli, onions, soft garlic and mushrooms. Its impossible not to eat well with these allies at hand



This produce requires a special mention above and beyond its companions. At home we adore the tomato in its different versions and varieties. Fresh, to prepare a minimalist but exquisite salad accompanied by virgin olive oil and an anchovy or two. Crushed, for making sauces with which to accompany any pasta. Dry, as a potent condiment for so many creations. Concentrated, to lift any stir fry to the skies. The tomato is always part of my team.



Although it may sound a little clichéd, like many others, our house can’t get by without rice. Beyond the festive preparation of paellas and sweet rice, recipes that I have been practicing for years in an attempt to find the mastery of my grandad Quico. What is certain is that this cereal offers a great deal of versatility, whether as a garnish for exotic dishes that we love (such as curries, for example) or as a base for a delicious summer salad. 



If there is another food which I am devoted to, it has to be cheese. From the softest and freshest, such as the mozzarella or ricotta that we use in pizzas , to the tasty gorgonzola, as well as cured sheep’s cheese and, on occasion, its more exotic representations such as feta or gouda. I think it’s difficult to beat a supper based on good bread, a selection of cheeses and a glass of wine.