My five favourites


My five favourites


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Jorge Martí is the singer, song writer and leader of La Habitacion Roja (the Red Room), a pop-rock indie band from the Valencian town of L’Eliana, which was set up over 20 years ago. The group (he sometimes recounts) was precisely the reason why he abandoned his dream of being a footballer like his father. With a degree in nursing from the University of Valencia, Jorge Martí currently lives in two countries, Spain and Norway; a reality that is captured in the documentary In the Middle of Norway, directed by Mia P. Salazar and released in 2018. Años Luz II is the latest work by La Habitación Roja, an album which was released in 2021. 

Here are his "five of":



I love oil and not just for cooking with. I like it raw in dressings and in salads. For me, some good bread with EVOO is an unbeatable invention. I have it for breakfast every day. 



As I am a good Valencian, I love rice and I eat it often in every way possible.  A woman from my town used to say: “In my house we eat rice every day except Sundays, when we eat paella”. Perhaps I don’t eat it quite that much, but almost. 



 I love all types of pasta. The same as for rice, I could eat it every day, even if it’s just with oil, salt and pepper.  I often make it with garlic, Cayenne pepper, parsley and EVOO. I love making it with prawns, clams, mussels or with pesto. But it has to be good quality pasta. 



At my parents’ house we have always eaten a lot of vegetables, as I do in my own house: on a daily basis. My favourites are artichokes, cooked in every way: grilled, baked, griddled or boiled. I also love aubergines cooked in any way, and spinach, chard, runner beans, cabbage, cauliflower…  In truth, all vegetables. 



I eat fish several times a week and I could eat it every day, especially local fish from wherever I am. I love it grilled, baked, boiled… however it is cooked: sea bass, dorado, bass, red mullet… I also love cuttlefish, calamari, octopus and seafood. It is evident that I prefer fish to meat.