My five favourites


My five favourites


For producing this article, María José Buzón and Consum have given 500€ worth to Red Cross of Cerdanyola del Vallés.

A Doctor in Biomedicine, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), María José Buzón is a Spanish scientist working in the department of infectious diseases at the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute in Barcelona. She is the lead researcher at the HIV-Aids laboratory. Her studies are specifically centred on therapies to eradicate HIV, a subject which she has been studying for many years and which has led her to train at, among other places, the prestigious Harvard Medical School. In 2016, Buzón was recognised by the L’Oreal –UNESCO Programme “Women in Science” as one of the five promising young women researchers of the year and as a “New International Talent”.  

Here are her “five”: 



Ham, in all its forms (serrano, ibérico, etc.), would be the reason why I couldn’t become vegetarian. We can never be without it at home or on special occasions, of course. However, it has to be accompanied by a good bread with tomato. 



They provide us with healthy portions, as well as being very fresh and delicious: strawberries, cherries, custard apples, persimmons, mandarins… are some of my favourite fruits. 



Because of its versatility and because it is easy to combine with other produce, pasta is always present in my weekly meal plans. Two of my favourite preparations are pasta salad and spaghetti with just oil, garlic and egg. 



Is the most essential product in my kitchen. Even when I lived in the United States I always had to have olive oil in my kitchen. Toasts with just oil on them are one of my favourite breakfasts.



Because they are a product that provides a lot of energy as well as being very healthy. They are one of my favourite foods to snack on between meals. Also in salads.