My five favourites

Juan Manuel Romero

My five favourites


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Juanma Romero has been a TVE journalist since 1985, where he has held responsibilities in the news, he has been news editor of the 24-Hour Channel and director of TVE's Breakfast show. He currently directs and presents the weekly program ‘Emprende’, presents and moderates events for companies and social, professional and business organisations. He has received a large number of national and international awards in recognition of his professional work in the world of communication, journalism and entrepreneurship and the broadcast of digital transformation and new professions.

Here are her Top 5:


It is essential to wake up and get going every day, especially if you wake up before six in the morning.  A couple of coffees never hurt anyone, but don’t abuse it.


If coffee is good to wake you up and get going, the bread with olive oil gives you strength to face those first hours of the day.  And in Spain we have the best oil in the world, so let's take advantage of it and enjoy it.


Cheese is a food that comes in handy at any time, no matter if it is strong or soft, whatever cheese is enough.  Cheese is one of my favourite dishes.


It is my favourite dish.  Good tripe with their sauce and spread on bread is the best thing you can eat.  When I found out I had cancer two years ago, that day I had some tripe, and it helped take my mind off things, I was dancing!  Now that I have got better, I still enjoy it.


When I give a conference, I present an event or moderate a round table, I always try to have enough water, which allows you to salivate. The water is usually mineral water in these places, although the tap water is perfectly fine for me if it is from Madrid or Salamanca, which are the two places where I know it is safe to drink.