My five favourites

Paula Vázquez

My five favourites

20 December 2017


For carrying out this article Paula Vázquez and Consum are donating € 500 in food to the NGO Accem.

TV host Paula Vázquez is one of the best known faces on TV. She started working in television in 1991, in the show 'Un, dos, tres', which was followed by a string of TV show host and actress jobs. She has hosted many TV formats. After spending some time away from the limelight, the Galician has returned to television with a docu-reality show called 'The Bridge', which has garnered very good reviews.

Here are her Top 5:


I'm crazy about a good Bellota Iberian ham. I usually accompany it with Parmesan cheese, olives and croutons. I'll use any excuse to have it on the table, in the middle of the afternoon, watching a movie, when someone comes to visit, etc. If I have some good oil, I'll splash some over the lot.


I like good bread, not just any. I prefer it made from sourdough: in Galicia we are used to very soft bread, with a lot of crumb and a crunchy crust that remains fresh for two or three days. I think that depends on the baking time. Onion bread is my favourite.


I like all sizes and flavours. I love when they give me some as a taster and they come with spices. In fact, it's the first thing I ask for in a restaurant before the food arrives. When I travel, I miss them very much.


I love all fruit in general, from the very small. I usually ask for some that is in season. Yet, when there is a lot of work to be done a banana is essential, there are always some in my dressing room. They give me a lot of energy.


There are nights that I can't go to bed without having had one. I like to have one of the freezer drawers filled to the top with different kinds of ice cream. I'm crazy about berry tubs. In general, I like any ice cream that’s pink. It's kind of childish, but I like to keep that touch of innocence.