Properties of the raspberry

The raspberry is a fruit that contains many properties that are beneficial to health. Do you know about them? Today we will tell you about this red berry. Don’t miss this!

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Raspberries are the healthiest natural sweet that you will find. Their acidity, freshness and juiciness make them many people’s favourite snack. They are also a very versatile food: you can create desserts with them, use them in sauces, salads…

The best way to eat a raspberry is freshly picked, as they extremely perishable and fungi tend to proliferate in them.

This fruit is associated with redness, but you can find them in different colours: yellow, black, orange and even white ones. Among the properties of a red raspberry, for example, is that they are notably rich in vitamin C and fibre, and they are a source of folic acid and manganese.  

This food belongs to the red berries family, and so the benefits of raspberries also include the fact that they are natural antioxidants.  

 Raspberries have the properties and benefits we describe below.

 Benefits of eating raspberries

Vitamin C. Foods that are rich in this substance, such as raspberries, protect your cells against oxidative damage and help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin C also improves your absorption of iron.

Fibre. Its fibre content helps to improve intestinal transit.

Folic acid. Is essential during pregnancy, as it contributes to the growth of maternal tissue and the formation of blood cells.

Manganese. This is important for maintaining our bones in good condition.