My five favourites

Patricia Campos

My five favourites


For producing this article, Patricia Campos and Consum have given 500€ to Goals for freedom.

Patricia Campos had two passions: football and flying. After studying Audiovisual Communication in Valencia, she took her exam to join the Army and became the first woman in Spain to pilot a Navy jet. Eight years after joining the Armed Forces, she decided to fulfil her other dream: dedicating herself to football. She travelled to the United States to become a football coach. While there she went to Uganda to help children and women with AIDS and try to improve their living conditions and their future through football, an experience that changed her life. Today she lives in Valencia, is a columnist for the sports newspaper AS and works on new projects to improve the rights of women and children.

Here are her "Top 5":


I have missed it a lot in other countries. My Spanish style toast with tomato is not the same without a few drops of olive oil. As well as its flavour, it provides athletes with beneficial fats that are so important for our physical exhaustion after a game.


After meditating, I need a latte in the morning while reading the pages of a book. That coffee allows meto wake up and go for a run.


I love hazelnuts and walnuts. I have raw hazelnuts with toast. I always have a packet of each one at home that I pick at all day.


One of the reasons I goto Consum is for their fresh orange juice. You don't find it in many places. It's fresh, easy to drink, and delicious. I think that sinceI started drinking Consum's fresh juice, I have less colds.


I only like natural coconut. Consum has a container with coconut slices just the right size for a snack. I love them.