My five favourites

Carmen Calvo

©Amparo Garrido / CNIO

My five favourites


For the completion of this report, Carmen Calvo and Consum give 500€ to Casa de la Caridad of Valencia.

CarmenCalvo (Valencia, 1950) is a contemporary Valencian artist, winner of theNational Award for Plastic Arts in 2013. One year later, in 2014, she was named as an academic at the San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Art in Valencia. She has lived in Paris and has exhibited in locations such as the prestigious GuggenheimMuseum in New York. She has dedicated herself to painting for over 40 years, afield in which she has employed many different materials. Moreover, the IVAM (Valencian Institute of Modern Art) awarded her the Julio González International Prize in 2020.For 2022, she is preparing an exhibition of her current works.

These are her "five":




Both the natural and the chocolate one. I love eating it in the mornings, as snacks, in the afternoon, and in the evening as a dessert. There are some very inviting flavours, and yogurt is ideal for my delicate stomach. It is never missing from my fridge.


Although my stomach doesn’t tolerate many things (like fried and highly seasoned foods), cold meats like truffle ham (once in a while I give myself a little party), I tend to prepare it with some goat cheese or cured Manchego cheese (but I don’t go overboard on it. 



Along with the above, I like pates of various flavours, such as goose or pepper. They are very useful foods and they are always some in the fridge for when I get home late from an inauguration. 



I love them, although I select them carefully due to intolerance issues. But they are always seasonal, such as roast peppers with smoked meats or cod from our traditional esgarraet, which is unique. The other day, my Basque friends ate this dish and they loved it. I am never out of boiled artichokes with lemon, or grilled or boiled asparagus. The white ones are really tasty. There is also a trick to cooking them: in water, with a little salt and sugar. A stew with potato, onion, green beans, an egg and a bit of vinegar is one of the most traditional dishes (and it’s incredible with Valencian vegetables). Today, tomorrow, it’s always a good time to eat it; both with friends or for supper on my own. 



Fish, like hake baked in the oven with baby potatoes is light and full of vitamins, as are clochinas (Valencian mussels) or those small seasonal mussels with lemon and a little chilli which practically have no calories but are full of vitamins. And prawns, just lightly boiled, and not just as a starter but also as a main dish.