My five favourites

Mª Carmen Gómez-Cabrera

My five favourites


For this report, M.ª Carmen Gómez-Cabrera and Consum gave € 500 in food to Cáritas Bétera.

Dr. Gómez-Cabrera began her career at the University of Valencia in 2006, where is currently a teacher in the Department of Physiology at the University of Valencia. Her great passion has always been research, and this has been demonstrated throughout her impressive career by collaborating on more than 100 scientific articles published in prestigious international journals. She is also part of FreshAge, a group dedicated to the study of interventions in healthy aging, especially physical exercise. Among her numerous recognitions, some international awards stand out such as the Catherine Pasquier Award in 2014, granted by the Society for Free Radical Research Europe, and, at the national level, in 2004 she was awarded the García Blanco medal by the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies.

My top 5:


Everyone in our house loves them. We try to comply with the recommended 5 pieces of fruit and/or vegetables a day and, the truth is, it’s not a problem for us.  We tend to go for seasonal fruit and vegetables, and local if possible.


Wine is undoubtedly one of our essentials. We drink it in moderation, particularly at dinner. We prefer red wine but, once in a while, we will also open a bottle of white. Valencia produces very good wines, which we love, and these tend to be the ones we usually have at our table.  


Oil is one of the most-used products in our kitchen every day. As a dressing for salads, on roasted vegetables, on a slice of bread (“pa amb oli”), to prepare sauces… it has many uses, so we use it a lot in practically all our meals.  



We keep a variety of dried fruits in the cupboard at home and at work. My children love them as an aperitif and as a snack. We like most of them, we don’t have a favourite.



With children at home, two in fact, pasta is a dish we frequently resort to.  As it happens, we’re also quite a sporty family, so we have pasta on the menu several times a week.