My five favourites


My five favourites

5 November 2018


Paco Roca and Consum donate € 500 in food to Casa Caridad (The house of charity), NGO pioneer in caring for the homeless

Always armed with his pencils, Paco Roca is one of the first big names of the graphic novel in Spain, for which he won the National Comic Award.  In his famous work ‘Arrugas’ (‘Wrinkles’) (2007), this Valencian has succeeded in converting an old man with Alzheimers into a hero, and in ‘Los Surcos del Azar’ (‘The Furrows of Fate’) (2013), he has brought the public closer to the subject of exiled Spaniards who fought in the Second World War. This editorial success has not taken away his friendly personality or his well-trained sense of humour which is nourished by, and based on, a Mediterranean diet.

Here's his "five":


It is one of the five things that are never missing on any of my shopping trips at Consum. My daughters hate pulses, but they will eat hummus at any time of the day. Well, while they don’t find out that it is made from chickpeas.


The man or woman who had the brilliant idea of grating tomato and then bottling it should be given the Nobel Prize. Thanks to him or her, I don’t have to get up half an hour earlier and grate tomatoes for the toasts at breakfast.

QUINTOS OF BEER (a fifth of a litre of beer)

This is another great invention that is never missing from my shopping basket. Who hasn’t had visits from friends that seem to go on forever? The fifths of beer are just the right amount for an agreeable, and brief, chat!


Without a doubt, this packaged food is the staple of my summer diet. It has put an end to piling one pot on top of another to cook couscous. Yes, I did get clean facial pores from lifting the pan lid so many times to check if it was cooked.


My partner likes earthly pleasures, and she loves these. The day that I surprise her with an engagement ring, I am certain that it will be gift-wrapped in a tin of mussels in escabeche sauce.