My five favourites

Sergio Sauca

My five favourites

19 July 2018


Sergio Sauca and Consum gave 500€ in food to "AECC Asociación Española Contra El Cáncer" for this report.

Sergio Sauca is one of the most popular faces on television in so far as sports information is concerned. This sports journalist began working on the radio before he had even finished his studies.  In 1987 he became part of Televisión Española where he has had many roles as presenter, editor and commentator. He loves gastronomy and especially the world of wines, for which he is a great spokesperson.

Here are his Top 5:


A am a wine freak, I love all kinds of wines. But, I especially love champagne because of its elegance and ability to combine with everything. It’s a delight. 


I love good cheeses. Whether it is an well-matured, eighteen month old Comté; or a payoyo from Cádiz; or a sheep’s cheese from the Sierra de Gredos; or a Manchego... there are so many that its hard to choose.  


I always have enough in the fridge to make some good fried eggs. This is one of my favourite dishes, always accompanied by potatoes. A stupendous dish that we don’t often value as much as it deserves. 


Whether in a cocido, stew, fried, in salad…. Yum! They are delicious! Chick peas can be prepared in so many ways, in filling dishes or in lighter recipes, it is one of the pulses that I like the best. 


Chocolate is my downfall. I tend to choose those with a high percentage of cocoa, as they are also much healthier than those which contain milk. I particularly like the 70% cocoa.