My five favourites


For their collaboration in this article, Ximo Rovira and Consum have donated 500€ to Casa Caridad.

Ximo Rovira is a television presenter, known for his work on Canal 9, the regional television channel of the Valencian Community, which he joined in 1990. Over the years that followed, he presented the topical celebrity programme Tómbola, and directed the Bon Matí radio show on Radio 9. He has also worked in local media, including Levante TV and has also appeared on a variety of television programmes and formats nationally.  He currently co-presents Som a casa, the new evening show from À Punt Mèdia.

Here are her 'top fives':



At weekends, I always have rice at home. I love paella, but I also enjoy creamy rice with fish. On work days, I usually eat wholegrain rice in salads and with vegetables.



I'm a fan of a good tomato, and even better if it’s Valencian. We are lucky to be able to enjoy them all year round, but in summer...that’s when they are truly spectacular. A good tomato is unbeatable.



This is a product that helps me a great deal with digestion. It also helps to balance gut flora. I take it in the mornings, by itself: I have it with a few walnuts.



Especially sea bass. I discovered it a while ago and I love it for fast meals, since it is a very versatile and easy food. I cook it in salt and it’s delicious.



My diet always involves an orange for breakfast. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, ideal for starting the day. In addition, I always try to ensure they are locally grown, to do my bit for the circular economy.