Properties of asparagus

In April, asparagus for me! Asparagus was introduced to Spain in Roman times and quickly became one of the favourite vegetables of the bourgeoisie. Today, they're favorites in every home. Want to know how to get the most out of them?

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Propiedades de los espárragos

Although the origin of both species is the same, the difference between the wild asparagus and the white ones is due to the sunlight. Whilst white asparagus grows underground and is picked when it sprouts (it still hasn’t come through to the surface), wild asparagus comes out fully and receives sunlight.

This sun ripening gives various benefits to wild asparagus since they contain many more nutrients than the white asparagus.


To make the most of their properties, we should eat asparagus raw or cooked at a low temperature (steamed or sautéed), since folic acid is lost through the heat of cooking and dissolves in the stock.  The ideal thing to do is to eat asparagus raw.  We can do this by cutting them into thin strips in a salad or we can steam them for 5/6 minutes.  Although, in our cooking, it is typical to eat them in scrambled eggs or sautéed with garlic shoots.

Another great way to make the most of its properties is with this recipe for a warm asparagus and potato salad, it's delicious! and you can find all the ingredients in our shop online.

Propiedades de los espárragos
Propiedades de los espárragos


  • During pregnancy.  Rich in folic acid (especially green asparagus), asparagus helps to prevent foetal malformation.
  • Prevents constipation.  If you often have problems going to the toilet or you want to prevent constipation, asparagus is your friend.  As well as providing vitamins and minerals, asparagus contains a lot of fibre, wild asparagus in particular.
  • To control our weight.  Asparagus has very few calories, is rich in water and is filling.  It also helps us to go to the toilet regularly because it is high in dietary fibre.
  • Diuretic. Due to its high-water content and compound called asparagine, asparagus has a diuretic action since it stimulates the production of urine and the elimination of waste products from our bodies.  Therefore, it is particularly recommended for people who suffer from liquid retention.