Prepare the perfect ham platter

Take the following pieces of advice into account when preparing a good ham platter:


20 November 2018



  • Ask at your deli to cut it into fine slices. The less you touch the ham the better it will preserve its aroma and flavour.
  • If we mix slices from different areas on the platter, we will get more nuances.
  • To calculate the amount, use this formula as a guide: one ham serving is usually of about 80 or 100 grams.


  • Ham must never be served cold; it must always be at room temperature.
  • If we really want to get all the flavour out of the ham, instead of putting it on a cold tray or plate, we can put it on a lukewarm plate; the ham will maintain all its flavour.
  • The number one accompaniment for a slice of perfect Iberian ham are breadsticks. It is an exquisite combination due to the fusion between the delicacy of the slices and the crunchy touch of breadsticks. Of course, with no dressings.
  • It is time to try Iberian ham with Cristal bread. This type of bread has a very fine but very crunchy crust. Its soft dough is full of tiny air sacs so it is very light. That delicacy, with the subtle crunchy touches of this type of bread, combine perfectly with Iberian ham.