Tricks for falleras: bows and make-up

Fallera week is about to begin and many families will have already taken out their regional costumes for the days in order to iron them and have them ready, along with all the necessary accessories: hair, decorations, stockings, shoes, sash, band, hair ribbon, volume petticoat... These are dates for enjoying both the day and the night, in country houses, in the street, at the fairs, at the fireworks castles... the hours of this dream will fly by, if you want to see it all.

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7 March 2019


Trucos para falleras: moños y maquillaje

We provide you with some tips for falleras costumes so that you can enjoy these holidays to the full, without feeling it too much, either on your face, hairstyle or feet. Here are some tricks for bows, hairstyles, make-up... and much more. Don't miss out!

 Make-up tricks for falleras

They say that the face is the mirror of the soul, but it also reflects tiredness. Here are a few handy tricks to avoid showing any lack of sleep during the fallas days:

 - Always remove makeup the night before, even when you can’t be bothered. The skin will be more rested and refreshed the following day.

 - When you get up, wash your face thoroughly with plenty of cold water to refresh the skin.

 - Concealers are great allies for disguising unsightly dark circles and bags around the eyes, as are highlighters. But if you wake up with very puffy eyes, we recommend a homemade remedy prior to applying your make-up: prepare an infusion of chamomile, and when it is very cold, moisten some cotton pads and place them over your eyes for 15 or 20 minutes.

 - You should choose a concealer that is a slightly lighter shade than your skin so that it does not look too unnatural.

  - Use 'flash' ampoules that quickly give your skin a radiant and relaxed appearance.

 - When you're tired, the skin on your face usually appears greyish. To avoid this, do not use heavy make-up bases, as solid bases accentuate wrinkles and bags. Instead use light or coloured moisturisers. Pre-moisturise the skin to make it look fresher.

 - To apply the highlighter, we recommended you place it at the top of the cheekbones, on the nasal septum and above the upper lip.

Trucos para falleras: moños y maquillaje

Tips for the fallera hairstyle

If you want to reduce the time it takes to create the fallera hairstyle, have the bows sewn in. This is, without doubt, the best idea for both buns and the bow at the back. It is advisable to go to a specialist shop so that they look as natural as possible, particularly the size and shape of bow at the back, so that it complements the shape of the fallera head without looking like it has been 'stuck on'. By doing this, you can create the fallera hairstyle in 5-10 minutes. To make it perfect, special care must be taken to make the hair partings well, whether you have two or three of them, and the ponytail should be at the corresponding height, neither too high nor too low, so that the end of the ribbon is just level with the nape of the neck.

Another trick that can buy you time is to sleep with the bows on. In this case, we recommend you remove the rollers from the sides and put on a stocking or headscarf that covers the entire head to prevent the bow from 'peeling off'. Of course, this means that you cannot move too much in your sleep. Then, when you get up, all you have to do is lacquer your hair, place the pins at the back of the head, the hairpins across buns, put in the combs, and you're done!

Tricks for the feet and fallera earrings

There is a very simple trick to avoid your silk stockings catching on the fallera shoes during the parades and the offering: put some flesh-coloured socks underneath, they will serve as a 'cushion' and avoid any potential rubbing and blisters.

And for fallera earrings, which are usually quite heavy for earlobes, there is a trick that can absolutely sort this out: instead of putting the earrings through the holes in your earlobes, with the consequent pain due to the weight, hang them from your ears with some rubber bands. This can be done as long as you go are going to wear three bows. The trick is to calculate the length of the rubber band so that it is below the bun, just level with the ear lobe. It will look like the earrings are hanging from your earlobes.