10 Types of sausages and their composition 

Sausages are part of our culture, tradition and gastronomic heritage. Currently, meat processing has a cultural, gastronomic or even gourmet purpose, since having a refrigerator, livestock throughout the year and an efficient food distribution network makes it unnecessary, unlike before, to make sausages in order to preserve them.

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10 Tipos de embutidos y su composición
10 Types of sausages and their composition

In addition, as it is a dish very rooted in our culinary culture, the different types of sausages are usually consumed because they are practical to eat and carry. In a sandwich, for snacks or to enrich your spoon dishes.

Classification of sausages

There are many different types of sausages depending on the origin of the meat, the condiments that are added, the materials and the techniques used. In each region traditional sausages are made, they can be classified into:

  • Fresh sausages: Prepared raw, without curing or ripening. Botifarras, sausages and longanizas.

  • Processed sausages: Prepared and subsequently processed by cooking, curing, fermentation and/or smoked. There is a wide variety: chorizo, chistorra, loin sausage, blood sausage, sausage, fuet, salami, sobrasada, frankfurters ...

10 Tipos de embutidos y su composición
10 Types of sausages and their composition

Main types of sausages

1. Butifarra: fresh minced pork meat sausage seasoned with salt, pepper, and sometimes other spices.

2. Chistorra: of Basque-Navarran origin, it is made with fresh minced meat from pork or mixed pork and beef. It also contains some fat, garlic, salt and paprika.

3. Chorizo: popular in Spain, it has a base of minced pork and is marinated with spices, among which the paprika stands out. The skin is usually pig's small intestine.

4. Fuet: popular in Catalan cuisine. Its preparation is reminiscent of the Italian salami, which uses minced pork and is seasoned with garlic and pepper.

5. Longaniza: minced pork stuffing.

6. Morcilla: coagulated blood stuffing, almost always pork. Its colour is semi-dark and there are different varieties.

7. Sobrasada: cured raw sausage, made from selected pork meats, seasoned with salt, paprika and black pepper. It is stuffed in a gut and has a slow maturation. This product is traditional of the Balearic Islands, and is protected with Protected Geographical Indication.

8. Salami: salted sausage of a mixture of seasoned beef and pork. It is subsequently smoked and cured.

9. Frankfurt sausage: prepared with pure pork stuffed in natural sheep's gut that is then subjected to smoking.

10. Vienna sausage: a variant of the original Frankfurt sausage but made with veal and pork. It owes its name to its city of provenance.